5 ways to create white, clear skin, change dull skin back to looking healthy.

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5 ways to create white, clear skin, change dull skin back to looking healthy.

For anyone who wants to have white, bright, pink skin, far away from wrinkles. We can take care of our skin to make it glow and look healthy โปรโมชั่น ufabet by ourselves. By adjusting many behaviors, let’s see what behaviors are the culprits that cause damaged skin, dull skin, and how to create clear, healthy-looking skin.

5 ways to make your skin look white and radiant

1. Get enough rest.

The secret to white skin that many people may not think of is Getting enough sleep Rest is very important for your body and your skin. Sleep helps repair various systems within the body, creating new cells to replace old cells in the body. Make your skin radiant Reduce dark circles under the eyes Skin looks radiant. This must sleep that is complete in both duration and quality of sleep. Even though we slept for 8 hours but went to bed too late. It’s definitely not good for health. The best time to go to bed is from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

2. Eat nutritious food

Want to have white, radiant, healthy skin? Of course, food has a huge effect. In addition to eating all 5 food groups, what you should focus on is Fruits and vegetables that contain minerals and vitamins You should eat a variety. But with today’s daily life, it may be difficult to eat all 5 food groups each day. It can be supplemented by taking vitamins and supplements that are standardized and reliable. There should be a doctor and pharmacist ready to give clear advice.

3. Scrub or exfoliate the skin.

Scrubbing or exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells. Helps reveal new, brighter-looking skin, makes the skin whiter, smoother, and also helps nourish the skin or apply skin cream to absorb better. For things that will help scrub the skin and make it white and radiant, it is recommended to use either tamarind, lemon, or turmeric mixed with honey and fresh milk to scrub the skin or you can buy from ready-made skin scrub products that are available for purchase. in the market that is reliable and has been registered

4. Take vitamins and supplements.

Taking vitamins and supplements It’s a simple and easy option. Helps replace vitamins that the body lacks. For vitamins and dietary supplements that help make your skin white, radiant, and look radiant and healthy, such as

  1. Glutathione is a type of antioxidant that the human body can synthesize itself. Glutathione is a type of protein that protects tissues from being damaged by free radicals that accumulate in various parts of the body. It helps stimulate the body’s immune system. and helps the liver to destroy and remove toxins from the body
  2. Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is one of the most popular vitamins used to nourish the body. Antioxidants Strengthen immunity Because vitamin C is a highly effective antioxidant. Helps delay aging and reduce the occurrence of age wrinkles It is a creator of collagen. These are fibers that connect various tissues together, increasing the skin’s elasticity. And helps prevent changes in cells in the body as well. Eating to help boost immunity and nourish the skin is recommended at 1,000 milligrams per day.
  3. Grape seed or grape seeds Very effective in fighting free radicals. Grape seed extract contains important substances called Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPCs), which are powerful antioxidants with healing and anti-inflammatory properties. They can reduce blemishes, prevent collagen degradation, and help strengthen Create collagen under the skin Therefore making the skin cells strong and not wrinkled. Blood vessels are flexible. Not brittle or easily broken and also reduces enzyme activity which causes the skin to age prematurely

5. Use lotion regularly.

Applying lotion regularly is important to help create clear, white skin. You should choose a lotion that has properties that help brighten your skin. and exfoliate skin cells Important substances that should be in the lotion, such as ingredients from vitamin C, orange, lemon, Niacinamide, AHA acid or Alpha-arbutin, etc. Caution is that when using substances in the Brightening group, you should use a sunscreen that is effective in protecting against both UVA and UVB SPF rays. 30 and above, used together to see the best results