Anxiety about illness, causes of the disease

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Anxiety about illness, causes of the disease.

Currently, the exact cause of illness anxiety is not known. This disease can be found at any age. Anxiety about illness is a chronic condition that begins in middle age. Most commonly found in the age group of 20-30 years. Symptoms tend to get ยูฟ่าเบท worse with increasing age. and found equally in males and females, not related to educational level Social status or marital status There are assumptions about the causes of illness anxiety disorder as follows:

1. Misinterpretation of body sensations

These patients interpret mild body abnormalities in more serious terms than the general population. 

and often have less tolerance for physical abnormalities than other people

2. Using the patient role (Sick role)

People with illness anxiety disorder learn to take on the role of patient in order to survive encounters with problems or situations that cannot be resolved. As a result, some abnormalities occur in the body.

3. Too accustomed to finding fault with your own abnormalities. 

Patients with illness anxiety disorder have an excessive level of self-consciousness about their own bodies. This causes regular feelings of worry about one’s own body. and are accustomed to finding faults with their own bodies, such as keeping an eye on the heart’s rhythm Changes in taste or saliva taste or are concerned about their own excretory system to the point of having to run in and out of the bathroom abnormally often and thought to himself that the symptoms were probably caused by a particular disease

4. Other psychological complications

This condition can be a form of another psychiatric disorder, such as depression or generalized anxiety disorder.

5. Using the mental mechanisms of Repression and Displacement.

Psychoanalytic theory believes that it is caused by the patient’s inner feelings of hostility and aggression towards others. and expresses itself using mental mechanisms such as Repression and Displacement, believing that deep within the mind the patient will feel that he or she is not good. Lack of self-esteem self-absorbed Because in the past there was a feeling of not being accepted. disappointed Therefore, they use mental mechanisms to express themselves as abnormal physical symptoms. To hide the unacceptable things that are going on inside the mind.

In addition, some factors may increase the risk of illness anxiety disorder, such as having a parent or relative who is seriously ill. Through facing stress or major problems in life Have you ever been sick with a serious illness but had mild symptoms? They tend to have the habit of worrying and searching excessively for health information on the Internet, for example.