Howe insists fate was still in Newcastle hands.

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Newcastle boss Eddie Howe insists the fate of qualifying for the Champions League remains in their hands. After losing 0-2 at home to Arsenal.

“It’s a missed opportunity. It’s our time. We have a lot in the game. They don’t have much. And we are very disappointed with that part of the game. We probably won’t defend as well as we did for most of the season. And We did well without being the best.

“We need to control our emotions a little bit better than we did in the first half. The decision to change the penalty was a big deal. And it touched us more than them. It’s about keeping the ball better because Arsenal are a dangerous team to change from defensive to attack. But we still have four games to play and fate is in our hands. We have to focus on that UFABET

“And We performed well throughout the season. The players were unbelievable, consistency, mentality and attitude. Now we have to take it to the next level. And that’s always difficult. That is the challenge we have to face.”

“When you look at the four games we have, we need fans and unity. The incredible support we received throughout the season. There was a voice there today. We just need a door. And it should help us get off.” Newcastle boss