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What is mineral water?

Mineral water refers to water obtained from natural spring sources. This is water that accumulates beneath the ground. and emerges in the water source area. Which will become a natural water source such as a river, canal, pond or lake, depending on the amount of water and the

Is Himalayan salt really better than regular table salt?

Many people believe that Himalayan salt has many health benefits. Because it has 84 minerals and micronutrients, it has more potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron than ordinary salt. But it has less sodium, i.e. in the same amount of 1 gram, regular salt has 381 milligrams of

How to drink water for good health?

When you wake up in the morning you should drink water. Because warm water is easier to drink than normal water. and the temperature is not lower than body temperature. Therefore, it does not cause the body temperature to cool down. Or it can be water at room temperature.

How good is eating the Mediterranean diet style?

How good is eating the Mediterranean diet style? There is a research report found that People in Mediterranean countries. Such as Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Morocco have a higher rate of heart disease. And various blood vessels less than other countries together in Europe The important variable comes from

Fiorentina announced to buy Nzola.

Fiorentina have officially announced the signing of striker Mbala Nzola from Spezia. Nzola has attracted interest from a number of clubs across Europe this summer. Including West Ham United, Roma and Torino. But he thinks Fiorentina’s offer suits him best. The 26-year-old striker scored 13

de Gea sign for Real Madrid.

David de Gea, the out of contract free agent goalkeeper from Manchester United hopes to return to the great spot again. Under the roof of Real Madrid as a replacement for Thibaut Courtois, who was unfortunately injured until have to rest the whole season. A

Luton Town No. 9 fills in to buy Jacob Bound.

Luton Town a newcomer to the English Premier League continues to strengthen the army to continue to survive. With the latest launch of striker Jacob Bound from Stoke City for an undisclosed fee. It is the number 9 reinforcement. This round of the market receive jersey

Howe insists fate was still in Newcastle hands.

Newcastle boss Eddie Howe insists the fate of qualifying for the Champions League remains in their hands. After losing 0-2 at home to Arsenal. “It’s a missed opportunity. It’s our time. We have a lot in the game. They don’t have much. And we are very disappointed with that part