How to drink water for good health?

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When you wake up in the morning you should drink water. Because warm water is easier to drink than normal water. and the temperature is not lower than body temperature. Therefore, it does not cause the body temperature to cool down. Or it can be water at room temperature. You should drink 1-3 glasses, at least 500-750 milliliters. The period after waking up is the period when the blood concentration is high. The body and blood will appear dehydrated. and to stimulate the digestive system UFABET

15 minutes before meals while eating And within 30 minutes after eating, all three of these times, drink a total of no more than half a glass. Because if you drink too much while eating, it will dilute the gastric juice in your stomach. Affects the digestive system. The body cannot digest food well.

Between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. you should drink 2 glasses. This is the time when waste occurs. Because the body has been working for a while. You should drink to flush out those waste products.

Throughout the day, drink little by little, sip 2 – 3 gulps at a time, sipping often is better than drinking a lot of water at a time. Because it increases the burden on the digestive system. and excretory system

Before going to bed, drink another 1-2 glasses, more than 250 milliliters, so that the water you drink circulates and washes out residue in the intestines and stomach. If it is warm water, it will help you sleep more comfortably.